My Home Cinema

I prefer watching movies at home over going to the cinema, since it gives me complete control, an audience of my choice, better sound, better video quality (yes, I definitely think so), no ticket fees, no waiting in line, direct access to refreshments and so on.

Below is a list of my current home cinema equipment. I'll include pictures whenever I manage to stop sitting on my hands...


LG 50PC1R 50" plasma

In the beginning of 2007 I replaced my previous XGA projector with this nice 50" plasma tv. It has a 1366×768 resolution, which is just perfect for the screen size. Don't let people fool you that you'd need 1920×1080 on such a "small" screen, unless you plan on sitting ridiculously close.

All in all I'm very pleased with it. The contrast is ok, but the blacks could be a bit better. There are a bunch of settings (both regular and hidden) to be fiddled with though, so I should take the time to adjust it as well as possible some day.

I feed it with my HTPC via DVI/HDMI and with our HD cable-tv box via HDMI. Excellent picture quality.

The reasons for going from projector to plasma tv are simplicity and convenience; setting up a plasma tv is very simple and it is a lot more convenient since there's no need to pull down any projector screen or wait for the projector bulb to heat up, plus I don't need both a tv screen for watching tv and a projector for watching movies since I can watch both on the plasma tv now.

HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer)

Kenneth's Homebrew in an Antec NSK2840 Case

I use my HTPC to play all kinds of video and audio formats; blu-ray, x264, dvd, mpeg4 (divx/xvid/etc), audio cd, mp3 - you name it. I'm currently running Windows on it for convenience.

The dvi output of the graphics card is connected to an hdmi input of the plasma tv, for perfect picture quality, digital all the way is simply the only way. I use an optical digital cable and DD/DTS bypass to the receiver for the best possible sound.

AV Receiver

Yamaha RX-V630RDS

I really love this unit, it has all the features I need and more and it does it's job perfectly! The Dolby Prologic II support is a welcome bonus.

Front speakers

Magnat Vector 77

Nice (both sound and looks) speakers which go as low as 20 Hz. This is however somewhat of a dilemma for me, since combined with the subwoofer I get TOO much bass (not too much for me, but for my neighbours).

Back/surround speakers

Magnat Vector 77

I prefer having the same speakers in the back as in the front in order to get homogenous sound.

Center speaker

Magnat Vector 13

Good quality speaker which packs a nice punch.


Magnat Vector Needle 25A

Nice active subwoofer with lots of thump. Too bad I live in an apartment so I can't use the woofer as much as I would like, since my neighbours below don't like getting a thunderstorm of bass through the roof (that's what they literally said... hehe).