Name Kenneth Jonsson
Country Sweden
Languages Swedish, English, German
Diploma BSc in Computer Engineering
Occupation Software Developer, Consultant
Employer Artvise AB
Kenkhis Khan

I'm a serious-minded person, but like to make jokes about almost everything. That might sound like a contradiction, but in my case it isn't.

I enjoy helping people with things I'm familiar with, such as programming and computer handling in general - including mounting or configuring hardware, but with time this sadly often leads to people thinking they can get all kinds of help for free, so I'm getting more and more reluctant nowadays. Helping people with computer problems over the phone is also something I'd rather never do.

One side of me that's both good and bad is that I'm usually a die-hard perfectionist. It pushes me to always do the best I can, but I sometimes overdo it, and I tend to complain about things I don't think are good enough. My complaints have a tendency to annoy people, but I'll hopefully learn to shut the feck up eventually. ;-)


This here is my lovely de facto, Camilla!

We met at a small party through a mutual friend one chilly but heartwarming night in the autumn of 2003 and are now living together since the beginning of 2005. We used to live in separate cities, her being a student, but meeting mostly on weekends was rather frustrating so we finally had that problem solved, now sharing the same apartment.

Love you Milla! <3



Home cinema
Watching movies at home is the best. Check the home cinema section.
Programming and computers

In my spare-time I often sit by my PC doing all sorts of things, mainly programming and making music. I always have several software development projects running and a lot of song ideas to work with, though I tend to be quite slow at finishing my songs...

I got my first computer when I was 9 (a VIC 20) and have been totally mesmerized by computers ever since. In the beginning I programmed a lot of Basic, then after getting hold of a Commodore 64 I went into MC6510 assembler, music and graphics. With the Amiga, I mostly concentrated on making music, but when I bought a PC in 1997 I finally went back into the programming field again.

Check the software and applet sections of this homepage.

Music production

I started making music when I was 11, got my first keyboard in 1991 and bought my Korg N364 synthesizer in 1997. My evolution as a musician has closely followed the technology I've been using through the years. It started out with a few single-voice songs on a violin, moved onto the three-voice analog synth chip in the Commodore 64, then the four-voice sample-based sound chip in the Amiga. The low amount of voices and poor sound quality limited my expressive power, so after moving onto my 64-voice Korg N364 I finally found what I needed to make music that even non-computer people would listen to.

Check the music section of this homepage.

Web related
I'm the maintainer of these mailing lists: I write all the text and do all the design for these sites:

Programming and Computers

C#, Java (and ECMA/J/JavaScript), SQL, C/C++, Assembler (x86/MMX/SSE, MC6510, MIPS), Perl, Haskell, Basic (and VBScript) etc.
Frameworks I'm familiar with
.NET, JDK and a number of other Java API's, jQuery, Win32 (a little), DirectX (very little).
Windows, Linux/FreeBSD/SunOS, Amiga, Commodore 64, MacOS, VIC-20.
My computers
3 × PC, 2 × Amiga 1200, Commodore 64

Cultural Taste

Comics and cartoons

Check the fun and Futurama sections of this homepage.

Movies and TV

When it comes to movies I prefer the comedy, action and sci-fi (got to love Starwars) genres. Thrillers and dramas tend to bore me, though there are a few dramas that really hit the spot (no, Titanic is definately not one of them).

As for TV, I hardly watch it nowadays. The channels I spend the most watching hours on are the Discovery variants.

Artists & groups

Robert Miles - Björk - Enya - Skunk Anansie - George Michael (only recent releases) - Eric Gadd - Opeth - Prodigy - Enigma - Jamiroquai - Cardigans - Portishead - Massive Attack - Garbage - Moby, many more

Styles & genres

Jazz (modern) - soul - latin - trance - trip hop - ambient - hardcore techno - electronica - goa - acid - fusion - slow music (most kinds) - pure synthesizer - metal (death/hardcore/grunge/speed/etc) - experimental, many more

Scene Status


I was a in the Amiga scene between 1993 and 1999. I left mainly due to lack of interest. This was my previous scene status:

Handle/nick Daiz'l
Group Mystic (MST)
Occupation Musician and organizer of the Swedish section
Commodore 64

I was in the Commodore 64 scene between 1989 and 1993. I left after having bought an Amiga 600. This was my previous scene status:

Handle/nick Shade
Group Flash Incorporated (FHI)
Occupation Musician