In this section you'll find most of my recent songs in MP3 format. All were made using a software sequencer, my trusty Korg N364 synthesizer and the synthesizer on the Soundblaster Live card.

You can find an MP3 player in the player section.

Futurama Title Latin Remix Download [2274 kb]

I like Futurama so much that I just had to do a remix of its title song, latin style!

Music and instruments Kenneth Jonsson
Original song Cristopher Tyng
Genre Latin
Sounds Korg N364, trumpet SoundFont
Length 2:24
Copyright © 2000 Kenneth Jonsson
Evening Haze Download [3846 kb]

Slow jazz for those blue mood moments.

Music and instruments Kenneth Jonsson
Genre Jazz
Sounds Korg N364
Length 3:16
Copyright © 1999 Kenneth Jonsson
Zero Impression Download [3144 kb]

Melancholic synthetic fusion, nostalghia from the Commodore 64 days. Also available in AHX and Korg N264/N364 SNG formats.

Music and instruments Kenneth Jonsson
Genre Fusion
Sounds Korg N364
Length 2:40
Copyright © 1998 Kenneth Jonsson
Space Curve Download [5858 kb]

Hardcore synthetic beats for the electronica bunch.

Music and instruments Kenneth Jonsson
Genre Acid
Sounds Korg N364 (all programmed by Kenneth Jonsson)
Length 4:59
Copyright © 1998 Kenneth Jonsson
Lime Garden Download [5640 kb]

Eurodancish track inspired by Robert Miles.

Music and instruments Kenneth Jonsson
Genre Eurodance
Sounds Korg N364, drum SoundFont
Length 4:48
Copyright © 1998 Kenneth Jonsson


Between 1993 and 1998 I was known as Daiz'l of Mystic on the Amiga. I was a Protracker module musician, Protracker being the program I used and module being its file format.

You can find most of my finished modules below. You need a module player to listen to them.

All modules in one archive Download [1768 kb]
Instead of downloading each module separately, you can get them all in this archive.

Earthvibe Download [183 kb]
1997 1996
Folk Amusica Download [49 kb]

Lime Garden Download [217 kb]
Air Download [12 kb]

Broken Beat Download [84 kb]

Discopop Download [75 kb]

Flavoured Dime Download [77 kb]

Green Seed 2 Download [15 kb]

Heading Up Download [97 kb]

Pipe Fiction Download [21 kb]

Rock in my Ear Download [76 kb]

Web on a Wall Download [14 kb]

White X-mas Download [58 kb]
Axel Foley Download [42 kb]

Exynth Download [55 kb]

Jinglebells Download [74 kb]

Melodramatik Download [77 kb]

Reggaeclipse Download [26 kb]

Showdown Download [130 kb]
Julreggae Download [51 kb]

Metrophony Download [51 kb]

Yercooken Download [55 kb]

Commodore 64

Between 1991 and 1993 I was known as Shade of Flash Incorporated on the Commodore 64. I used several different programs to make my music, all with their own file format. What they all have in common is that they're all for the SID synthesizer chip found inside the Commodore 64 (hence a SID-emulating player is needed if you don't have a Commodore 64 - see below).

Most of my songs are featured in the High Voltage SID Collection, a very large and well-known SID song collection, but I also have them available here.

You can also find me on the C64 composer site.

Shade's SIDs Download [74 kb]
38 of my songs, all in a format playable by SIDPlay.
Shade's Music Collections Download [42 kb]
My two music collections released under Flash Incorporated label. Includes Commodore 64 binaries, so you need either a real Commodore 64 or an emulator to run them.


AHX (previously called THX) is a music composing program for the Amiga. It can be used to create Commodore 64 sounding music, and I've made two songs with it.

You can find an AHX player here.

Zero Impression Download [2 kb]
Released in the first issue of "Klub Diznee" by Abyss. Check the MP3 version above.
Mid Day Action Download [1 kb]
Released in "Psychol 13" by Appendix.