News & Changes

Nov 13, 2000 [Music] All ProTracker modules can now be downloaded in one archive
[Music] Added a link to the C64 composer site (I'm on it)
[Friends] Added a few buddies of mine.

Aug 17, 2000 [Site] Major design update!

Apr 6, 2000 [About me] Updated info about my programming and platform skills.

Apr 5, 2000 [Friends] Added link to Thomas Eriksson's homepage.

Apr 2, 2000 [Software] Added T.A.N.K.S, a Java multiplayer network game
[Software] Added ColorJuggler, my Java color selector/converter
[Software] Added Engine3D, my Java 24-bit color 3D engine
[About me] Added a lot more info about myself

Apr 1, 2000 [Site] Added Futurama page
[Site] Added Java applet page, reworked the software page
[Site] Reworked main page

Mar 29, 2000 [Site] Completely redesigned the looks of the site.
[Site] Added player links page.

Mar 23, 2000 [Music] Added my latin remix of the Futurama title song!