My Home Cinema

I prefer watching movies at home over going to the cinema, since it gives me complete control, an audience of my choice, better sound, better video quality, no ticket fees, no waiting in line, direct access to refreshments and so on.

A list of my current home cinema equipment:


LG OLED65B6 65" oled tv

This is truly a magnificent display, bought in 2016. Excellent colors, excellent black level (of course), excellent everything. At least when running in non-exaggerated mode without any silly so-called improvements (bah!) of image nor video, and especially with 4K HDR content (preferably UHD blu-ray).

By the way, there are no traces of burn-in whatsoever after two years and counting.

Disc Player


If you're like me, and only want zero-nonsense hassle-free 4K HDR disc playback without ANY additional god-forsaken useless piece of shit apps or other bullshit features, I can highly recommend it. Yes, it's ridiculously expensive for what it is - a glorified disc spinner - but I got a good deal on it, and was fed up with using Power DVD on my HTPC.

HTPC (Home Theater PC)

My home brew in a Streacom FC5 Evo fanless case

Used for all non-disc content; Netflix, HBO, Viaplay and other services. Supports 4K with HDR, but not without quirks (I'm looking at you Intel; your graphics drivers suck ass and I'll definitely go back to AMD next time).

I used to play discs (dvd & blu-ray) with it, but I finally got fed up with all the problems I had with Power DVD. And since there were no UHD blu-ray capable PC optical drives available at the time, I took the dedicated disc player route instead.

AV Receiver

Marantz NR1508

The main reason I bought it is its low height, which was needed for it to fit in my AV furniture.

Supports 4K with HDR, and does its job well enough.


KEF 2005.3

I've had this 5.1 speaker system since 2009. Sounds great, looks good, nimble and fits pretty much anywhere. I've got no reason to replace it, and will most likely use it until it breaks (if it ever does).