Photo of me
Kenneth Jonsson
Swedish, English, German
BSc in Computer Engineering
Software Developer

I'm generally a serious-minded person, but I like to joke about pretty much everything and clown around.

One side that's both good and bad is that I tend to be a die-hard perfectionist. It urges me to always do the best I possibly can, but I sometimes overdo it and I tend to complain a lot about things I don't think are good enough. The complaints have a tendency to annoy people, but I'll hopefully learn to shut the fork up, eventually. ;-)

My Darling Dearest

Photo of Milla

My darling dearest is my lovely de facto, Milla! We met in 2003 and have been living together since 2005.

Among other shared interests, PC gaming is something we both enjoy very much. Apart from playing a lot of Nintendo in her childhood, she wasn't all that into PC gaming in the beginning, but after I showed her The Glorius Way of the PC Gaming Master Race (I'm kidding) I'd say she probably likes it even more than I do nowadays. :)


Home cinema

Watching movies at home is the best way to do it. Check the home cinema section.

Software development and computers

In my spare time I often sit by my PC doing all sorts of things, like software development and gaming. I got my first computer when I was 9 (a Commodore VIC-20) and have been totally mesmerized by computers ever since. In the beginning I programmed a lot of Basic, then after getting hold of a Commodore 64 I went into MC6510 assembler, music and graphics. With the Amiga, I mostly concentrated on making music, but when I bought a PC in 1997 I went back into the software development field again.

A few samples of my work can be found in the software section.

Music production

Check out my music in the music section.

Web related

My sites

The Korg N264/N364 mailing lists

I am (or rather was) the maintainer of the unofficial Korg N264/N364 mailing lists, which I effecively shut down in May 2018 (making them read-only and hence unfortunately only available to already existing members because of how Yahoo Groups works), because of very low activity and a lack of interest on my part.

Software Development and Computers


The main languages I know, listed in order of experience:

  • C#
  • Java (and JavaScript)
  • SQL (mainly T-SQL)
  • C/C++
  • Basic (and VBScript)
  • Assembler
    • MC6510 (Commodore 64)
    • x86/MMX/SSE
    • MIPS
  • Haskell
  • Perl


The main frameworks I'm familiar with:

  • .NET
  • JDK
  • jQuery
  • Win32


Operating systems and computer platforms I've used, more or less extensively:

  • Windows (most versions since 95, including server editions)
  • Linux & FreeBSD
  • Amiga (up to OS 3.1)
  • Commodore 64
  • Commodore VIC-20
  • Mac OS (from 7 to X)

My computers

Computers currently in my possession:

  • 5 × PC (work/gamestation, server, htpc, firewall and a laptop)
  • Amiga 1200
  • Commodore 64

Cultural Taste

Comics and cartoons

See the fun and Futurama sections.

Movies and TV

When it comes to movies I prefer sci-fi, fantasy, comedy and history. Drama and thriller are ok. Horror and action are usually too annoyingly stupid, but as always, there are exceptions.

As for TV, I hardly watch it at all. I've cancelled my cable subscription and have replaced it with various streaming services. YouTube is a favorite, there are many golden nuggets with high quality content to be found there (but a LOT of trash as well).


Favorite styles & genres:

Metal (progressive/death/hardcore/speed/etc), jazz, classical, soul, trance, trip hop, ambient, hardcore techno, electronica, goa, acid, fusion, synthesizer, experimental and more.

Demoscene History


I was in the Amiga scene between 1993 and 1999. I left due to lack of interest after having bought a PC. This was my most recent scene status:

Daiz'l (there's a story behind it)
Mystic (MST)
Musician (and organizer of the Swedish section)

Commodore 64

I was in the Commodore 64 scene between 1989 and 1993. I left after having bought an Amiga 600. This was my most recent scene status:

Flash Inc. (FHI)