Java Applications

Here you can find a sample of my Java applications. I work with all kinds of applications; tools, utilities, networking, games, graphics etc, though most of it is for personal use.

Please note that all of these applications are very old, last updated around 1999-2000, may no longer work and don't reflect my current skills. I should probably update them some day, likely porting them to C# .NET.


T.A.N.K.S is a network game written in Java where each player drives a tank around in a playing field, trying to blow enemy tanks sky high by either shooting at them or ramming them.

I'm part of the development team and I'm also responsible for the website.

StackFive - version 1.2 - mailware

StackFive is a free single-player 5-in-a-row TicTacToe game with customizable gameboard size. Saves scores. You can either play against StackFive or watch StackFive playing against itself.

ColorJuggler - version 1.1 - freeware

ColorJuggler is a color selector/converter to be used as an aid whenever a color needs to be chosen for something (a webpage, a GUI element or anything else).

Engine3D - version 0.01 preview

Engine3D is a software-rendering 24-bit color 3D graphics engine. It's currently very primitive and slow, but if I find the time and motivation I'll improve it. This example has two simple cubes and two light sources.

Current features:

  • Gouraud lighting
  • Unlimited number of light sources (only point sources)
  • Unlimited number of objects
  • Affine texture mapping (will be perspective in the future)
  • Environmental mapping (not enabled in this example)
  • Backface culling
  • High-precision z-buffer

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